granel clipFrom the decade of `70, soybean production has steadily grown in Argentina. This significant increase in production has been achieved not only with increases in acreage, but also to  yields among, the highest in the world. That agricultural production has driven the development of an industrial structure for the elaboration of oil and derivatives that has rapidly gained market share internationally with the latest technologies worldwide.plantas soja

Areco Norte is a family business founded in July 2000 during the economic and financial crisis, but we have always been aware of our values. The family  since inception to the field. Today they are three generations are included in the family business, each highlighting a different area, allowing us to provide a solid and consistent local and international service.

The company is poised to agribusiness and for the past 2 years we decided to add value to soybeans beginning with the elaboration by-products of soybean: oil and expeller.

Today, soybean is necessary resource for human and animal, providing numerous benefits both economic and nutritious. That's why we decided to share with you our quality and accountability in each transaction, based on our years of experience.