The capacity of our plant can process 60 tons of soybeans daily and is prepared to expand production. The method used is through a mechanical pressing continuous screw press, dry extrusion method (no steam). This method allows expeller oil and high protein content.

Advantages of the product: do not participate in the process-toxic chemicals (solvents) which keeps natural nutrients.

Uses: animal feed, raw material for refining for direct human consumption or for the manufacture of other consumer products such as margarine and vegetable fats, chemicals (paints, lubricants, perfumes), fuels: biodiesel

Process description:

1) Receipt of raw materials (soybean): The raw material is received on the floor gathering himself to be conditioned and then sent to the process of extracting oil and expeller soybean.clipsoja

2) Shaking: Get the shells and extracting raw material impurities.

3) Storage Silo Lung

4) Mill to crack: Here the soybean is broken into two or more parties

5) Single screw extruder: On this team, is produced by mechanical friction, the temperature rise of the product, also getting the "off" of it, reducing to normal anti-nutritional compounds containing soybean (trypsin), and getting the rupture of the oil molecule to achieve in a later step extraction.
Another advantage worth mentioning is the molecular-level alignment of the fiber product, which significantly increases their digestibility.

6) Press Continues: It consists of a screw press, which prints the product a pressure such thatclipaceite the oil drain makes for a totally natural method because it is a completely mechanical process, with no chemicals.
7) Cooler: This equipment is very NECESSARY, as the expeller, eleven removed from the press, isessential to cool, to prevent oxidation (high peroxide level), considering that it comes from thepress at a temperature of about 100 ° C.

8) Remove the rubber: By means of a decanter, centrifuge and dryer is degummed oil proceeds tosending it to storage tanks.

9) Storage: expeller tickets are stored in silos with a capacity of 38 tons each, and the oil tank